The new Mantec stone grinding machine arrived today from Italy!

The shipping crate weighs 2900 pounds, and is 5 ft x 5 ft x 8 ft. About the size of european economy car, only heavier.

Only in a very small town could you possibly call on friends at the lumber yard to drive a forklift a mile down the road, and through downtown, to unload the crate at your doorstep!

Here's a picture of me standing on top of the shipping crate in front of the shop. (Photo by Dave Chantler)

Tonight I'll drive down to the airport to pick up Stefano Vuerich and Giuseppe Moroni. They're flying in from Milano to help with the installation of the new Mantec stone grinder. We'll be un-crating the machine and getting it installed in the morning.

A big thanks to Skip Smith for unloading a rack of hay bales and using the hay trailer to haul the machine the final mile. And thanks to the crew at North Valley Lumber!

I'll post something again tomorrow evening. Hopefully the machine will be in the shop and running by that time. Stay tuned. Ultratuned.