It took all day, getting the machine in place and waiting while the electrician routed wires to all the right places. But by 3:30 the new Mantec grinder was up and running at Nordic Ultratune. Boy howdy, does it run. The picture of me doesn't look exactly ecstatic, but it's there. Inside.

Okay, that's a case of getting ahead of the story. Going back to the beginning, the day started with coffee and fresh pastries at the Mazama Store at 7:30. By 8:30 we were using some well-worn wrecking tools to ungracefully disassemble the big packing crate. There was a frost on the ground, and the cool temps were perfect for some physical effort.

Special thanks go out to Flash Clark, Robert Courtney, Skip Smith and Pete Dickinson for showing up and helping to get the new Mantec grinder out of the crate and into the shop.

Some disassembly required. We had to remove the front door of the shop, un-install some counters, and move the whole front-end of the shop in order to make room to navigate to the right spot with the grinder on a pallet jack.

The new Mantec machine definitely takes up a lot more shop space than the old grinder, but the capablities of the machine are amazing.

As a note, after the machine was in place I took Stefano and Giuseppe for a burger at The Duck Brand (if you've been to downtown Winthrop WA, you've been there). I almost spewed my first bite as I watched these crazy italiano guys trying to eat cheeseburgers with a knife and fork! I had to teach them to eat a hamburger with their hands.... . never even occured to me that there could be any other way.

Success! I think it was the proudest moment of the day for Giuseppe and Stefano -- the moment when they realized that they could meet, greet, and eat meat like americanos.