Zeroes for Heroes

On Sunday, March 1st, three pairs of Madshus Zero skis found their way to the MV Nordic ski team practice - a classic interval day. New morning snow lay on top of the overnight grooming, and temperatures at 11:00 a.m. were just above freezing. The Zeroes quickly showed their worth as the J2 girls on the Zeroes were quickly passing their coaches on the uphills and the downhills.

(In the foto, the J1's and J2's are preparing to start their interval session, and appear to be wondering what's on their feet...)

If you're unfamiliar with Zeroes, they're a classic ski with a grip zone insert made of plastic mixed with cork and other additives. The insert is slightly rough, and in moist snow near 32F (zero C) these skis have grip AND glide. At 32F it's very very difficult to have grip and glide at the same time on a classic ski, so in these conditions the Zeroes are heroes.

Compared to old-style "hairies" which worked best in falling wet new snow at 32F, the new Zero skis have broader application, including glazed tracks, wet corn snow, and even fresh snow with high moisture content at temps in the mid-20's F.

The past week has presented perfect weather for using Zero skis. As March weather brings warmer days, the Zeroes may be the heroes more often.