Have you noticed that the days are already getting shorter?

It's past the 4th of July holiday, and time for die-hard skiers to turn their gaze toward winter. Summer fun certainly doesn't need to be 100% ski focussed for competitive Masters age group skiers and recreation skiers, but it's not hard to add some ski strength to the mix. Roller skiing, hiking with ski poles, ski bounding, paddling - all these are great ways to get the upper body involved. The closer it is to real skiing - as specific as possible - the more benefit it will bring to you ski season.  

Meanwhile the skis need to be taken care of so spend some time thinking about that. Did you bother to clean the skis and put storage wax on them? Did you think about getting the bases cleaned up with a fresh grind to bring them back to their best speed? Now is a great time for that.

During the summer, Nordic Ultratune has a more relaxed grinding schedule, but the service work keeps on going. There are no set shop hours for walk in traffic, but I'm happy to meet customers on a "by appointment" basis.

You can beat the autumn rush by sending skis for service early!      A grind and hotbox waxing service will have the skis ready to fly when the snow arrives.