Days and days of goodness

-10C is just about perfection.
Here in the Methow Valley we've had about 3 straight weeks of consistently perfect ski conditions.

Since Christmas, in particular, it's been a solid run of cold nights and daytime highs in the teens and low 20's.

Getting out on skis in the early morning has required some warm gloves and a bit of care to keep the ears covered, but the payback in glorious sunrise views has been a big dividend.

The silky smooth glide on skaters with S2 and RDG-1 grinds has been phenomenal.  


Congratulations to Torin Koos on a big win at Nationals.   Torin was skiing on some Rossignol classic skis with an Ultratune grind.

Sam Naney at the Mazama Ski Rodeo
Photo: Steve Mitchell
Also a nod to Sam Naney on his top-10 result in the sprints.   And Sam also got local bragging rights by running away with the cup at the Mazama Ski Rodeo (10K Skate Mass Start) last weekend.   Nice work Samuel!