40 days...

The ubiquitous one-handed photo
This season the Methow Valley in Washington has had good snow.    It arrived before Thanksgiving and we've had great uninterrupted skiing through the past 7 weeks.

For me, the daily skiing typically consists of a very early dash out the back door at around 7 a.m. in order to get everything to sync-up with the schedule at the shop.     Sometimes it's only long enough to compare some test skis, or a loop around Foster's Field with a headlamp, but I feel fortunate to get out there every day.

Today, though, it's a holiday (HNY!) and I got the chance to ski at a very reasonable 9 a.m. from the Cub Creek trailhead.      Classic skiing today was as good as I've seen this season.    Four layers of hard wax and grip was rock solid, with easy release and free glide.    So nice.  

I enjoyed a mix of striding with kick-double-pole up to Rendezvous Pass and returned on a slightly different route.     I had fun seeing several 'locals' out on the trail and stopped for a Hello a few times.

It's hard to believe that the ski season is 1/3 done; that I've had 40 days of skiing already.