2012-13 Nanosonic Skate Boot

The new Madshus Nanosonic skate boot.
Some 2012/13 Madshus Nanosonic skate boots passed through the shop yesterday, and they happened to be my size, so I got a fit check, and nabbed a couple pictures while no authority figures were looking too closely.  

The boots weren't with a rep, but are being tested by young gun (biathlete) Casey Smith, who stopped in to say farewell before heading to Europe for World Jr Championships and the IBU European Championships.

The new Madshus boot feels slightly more padded, but otherwise has approximately the same fit.   Very nice.    Graphics have become a bit brighter, with less black and more white.     There are some white slashes on the sides of the boot that seem like Maurice Sendak inspired "monster with an underbite"teeth!

Madshus has maintained the simple approach:  no clicky buckles or speed laces, instead opting for velcro and regular shoe laces.    I liked those features in the past, and like them on the new version, too.    The fit is great for my feet, but all feet are not created equal, so trying on boots is always the decider.
The new Madshus skate boot.   That's my foot!

Overall, I like the update.