SNS, NNN, NIS, Wedges, Plates

Why isn't someone making a wedge that will click onto a NIS plate, and which has threaded inserts for attaching a Pilot SNS bindings?

This seems simple enough.      It would allow fore/aft adjustment of the SNS binding, even if it might require removal of a few screws.

It's hard for me to believe that after 7 years of the NIS binding, and with the obvious and well documented advantages that it provides, that the Salomon folks still haven't brought to market a positionally adjustable binding or adapter.    

Wood screws to attach bindings?   Seriously?     I mean, furniture isn't even held together with wood screws anymore!

As a comparison, during that time period, cell/mobile technology has gone from a device that makes person-to-person voice calls to the iphone...