Classic Tracks at Washington Pass

A little snow stuck to the ski, but no icing.
There's two feet of snow at Washington Pass, which sits at 5500 feet and is 20 miles from home.    Yesterday a good samaritan took a snowmobile and track-setter up to the pass and laid down a short loop.    

So this morning was my first day on "good skis".     Nineteen degrees, sunshine, and a couple of inches of fresh powder on top of yesterday's tracks.     Very nice hardwax classic skiing.

Each year the first skiing for us is at Washington Pass.    This is the northern-most road across the north Cascades in Washington State.    The highway closes for the season almost every year, and I will be surprised if it remains open another week, since cold temps and more snow are expected almost every day through the extended forecast.

Margaret loves the fresh POW.
I had to dash off to the shop to get there in time to open, so I'm just posting this at about 8:30 p.m. after returning from Ultratune (Friday is the day that the week's batch of stone grinding gets moving).

In the next few days, skiers will be heading to West Yellowstone and SilverStar Mountain for the annual ski camps.     Lots of new snow has arrived at both locations in the past couple days, and it looks like it should be a great week of skiing for everyone!