Greetings from Slovenia

On Sunday I received email from Barbara Jeseršek, a friend and skier from Slovenia.

Barbara is a young skier on the Slovenian World Cup team; she's 24 years old. This past winter she had a great Olympic experience that provided extra motivation to train to reach the top. Barbara races on Atomic skis. A couple of new pictures from Dachstein are here.

It was great to hear that Barbara has had an excellent summer of training and that she's motivated for the upcoming World Cup season. For Barbara, the summer training is now being replaced with on-snow training, with racing just a few weeks away.

Here's a short excerpt:

We did first period of snow training on glacier - Dachstein!! Tomorow I'm going back to Ramsau. It was nice sunny week and I was skiing in T-shirt :)

In Nowember we are going to Sjusjoen for training camp in Norway and than to Gallivare to start first WC races!!!

Barbara's email was a good reminder that the racing season is just around the corner - an idea that might seem alarming during the warm and sunny indian summer days in the west.