Sorting out the race skis

Torin Koos has been training in the Methow Valley for much of the summer. Koos grew up just down the road, and he's very much at home here - living in Mazama and taking advantage of the opportunity to roller-ski, run, and ride in the area.

Torin has also taken the time to get his big bag of race skis sorted out and tuned up for the coming season. We've spent a few sessions flex testing skis, sorting and grouping the skis, and finally we've selected grinds for all the race skis. The goal is to have a logical matrix of flexes and structures to handle race conditions, and to keep it pretty simple and streamlined.

With over 30 pairs of racing skis, there are five grinds represented. With any flex grouping there are a few structure options. With any base prep, there are a few camber choices. It's all logical, relatively simple, and organized.

Whether you've got 4 pairs of skis (2 skate, 2 classic), or if you've got 40 pairs of skis, a simple and organized approach is best. Choose versatile grinds to handle the conditions you'll likely see.

Torin has enough smarts and experience to know that the time to get all the skis ready for racing is NOW. Why wait until the snow is falling to get the quiver of skis prepared for the races?