Picking skis in Utah

Howdy from Utah. I picked a pile of Atomic Featherlight skis Today.

The Atomic skis look super. As a group I am really impressed with the quality of the skis this season. There are about 1000 pairs of Atomic World Cup Featherlight skis here in the Ogden warehouse right now. I started the day by picking skis from the big racks, based on length and flex numbers. Then I unwrapped every single pair and did a couple of quick tests on a bench. I rejected fewer than 10 pairs of skis that I pulled down, and I'm very picky.

The first photo shows me and Atomic's Rick Halling inspecting a pair of skate skis.

Good timing. Rick Halling tells me that 200 pairs are being pulled tomorrow, so the selection would be somewhat diminished if I waited even a few more days. This afternoon we packaged up all the skis, and they're shipping out tomorrow to Ultratune. They should be in the shop by Monday.

The second pic shows some of the new Featherlight skis on the vertical rack at the Atomic warehouse. Note that they keep the skis stored standing in the rack rather than squashed in boxes; it makes picking the right skis a very straight-forward operation.

One thingis certain - I'd go blind working in the Atomic warehouse; the lighting is awful!

The third shot shows me hamming it up a little bit in front of the camera. I don't really "peepsight" the skis when I'm checking them out -- these look good, but I know the bases will look great after they've got an Ultratune grind.

All the skis were inspected by the shipping department, and then Rick packed them up to ship to Ultratune (foto 4). The cart in the foreground has our skate skis.

After finishing with the skis this afternoon, Rick H took me for a drive up into the mountains to the east of Ogden. The area around Snow Basin ski area. It’s absolutely gorgeous up there. Rick does a lot of road cycling and says it’s one of his favorite places to ride. The scenery is quite a surprise to me because this particular area isn’t dry – it’s covered with deciduous trees (oak, maple, aspens). Also it’s site for some of the xterra races. Very pretty. Ahhhh. Autumn colors.

Now I’m at the hotel, and I’m exhausted. Nothing to do but find some cheap dinner and crash until the a.m. flight back to Spokane, and then drive home. I printed my boarding pass here at the hotel, so I go straight to security and out to the concourse (no checked baggage).

That's it for now.