MV SuperTour Classic Results

Unofficial results from today's classic race. Individual start. "Zero" conditions - 32F and new snow.

Caitlin Compton skied a strong race, also opting for "zero" skis. Laura Valaas had another podium spot to complement yesterday's win.

1109Caitlin COMPTONGO! TRAINING00:27:27.800:00:00.000

2122Laura VALAASAPUNSC00:27:40.700:00:12.900

3117Nicole DEYONGSVSEF/FISCHER00:28:06.400:00:38.600

4119Rhonda JEWETTALBERTA WORLD CUP ACADEMY00:28:10.900:00:43.100

5112Evelyn DONGXC OREGON00:28:49.700:01:21.900

6110Brooke GOSLINGAWCA00:29:11.300:01:43.500

7111Sarah DAITCHFORT SMITH SKI CLUB00:29:20.300:01:52.500

8115Stephanie HOWEXC OREGON00:29:25.700:01:57.900

9116Katie RONSSEAPUNSC00:29:44.200:02:16.400

10120Taylor LEACHXC OREGON00:30:15.500:02:47.700

Torin Koos and Brian Gregg were on "zero" skis. Brian Gregg made up nearly 18 seconds on Koos in the final lap and finished less than a second behind. Koos was strong and fast the whole weekend.

1176Torin KOOSUSA00:34:08.100:00:00.000

2174Brian GREGGCXC TEAM VERTICAL LIMIT00:34:09.000:00:00.900

3170Drew GOLDSACKRMR/NATIONAL SKI TEAM00:34:23.200:00:15.100

4178Chris COOKSTEINBOCK RACKING00:34:32.200:00:24.100

5157Curtis MERRYBANFF SKI RUNNERS00:34:40.100:00:32.000

6173Mike HINCKLEYAPUNSC/ROSSIGNOL00:34:54.900:00:46.800

7171Haakon LENESBANFF SKI RUNNERS00:34:56.900:00:48.800

8177Pate NEUMANNCANMORE NORDIC00:35:06.700:00:58.600

9172Brayton OSGOODXC OREGON/FISCHER00:35:06.800:00:58.700

10168Michael SINNOTTSVSEF00:35:11.400:01:03.300

Koos, Compton and Gregg were in the Methow Valley for the SuperTour weekend without their customary support (Koos with USST, Gregg with CXC, Compton with Go! Training). Nordic Ultratune provided their race service for the weekend, with the especially appreciated support of Eric Redrup of Toko.