Putting it Together

I got email from Technolami today with photos of the new Nordic Ultratune stone-grinder as it's being assembled in Italy.

The top picture shows the electrical panel. Most of what you're seeing are terminal blocks for connecting wires. On top are the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis controllers, and a power supply is also visible on the left. The wiring isn't all finished, and I'm sure that the wire runs will be cleaned up a bit.

The middle shot shows the central hub for the grinding wheel. Everything is quite sturdy and built of stainless steel in the areas that get wet. You can see the high-pressure sprayers in the right side of the fluid tank. You can also see the pneumatic feed wheel. This provides conformal pressure as the ski is fed into the machine, which helps to keep irregularities in the ski top from creating irregularities on the bottom.

The final shot shows the routing of air lines and pneumatic valve circuits. There is still plenty of pneumatic control in these new machines! Thankfully most of the pneumatic lines use quick-disconnect fittings. Everything looks tidy and carefully routed.

From the pictures you can get an idea of the complexity of the electrical and pneumatic systems!

The new Mantec grinder should be completed on Tuesday and testing will begin before the end of the week. Mantec will ship the machine in the following week, and it should arrive at Nordic Ultratune in the middle of October.