Mantec Skinumericontrol 140 CNC

A decision has been made. A new grinding machine will be coming to Nordic Ultratune.

The choice was pretty carefully considered, and the Mantec Skinumericontrol 140 CNC has been selected.

Mantec calls it a Microgroover and I like that term, don't you?

What made the decision?
  • Mantec has choices for diamond and stone configurations, for more structure options. A high quality grinding stone and diamond cutter is critical and Mantec has them.
  • Mantec has the best ski drive and alignment mechanism of any grinder, avoiding the need for a binding bridge and providing uniform edge/edge down pressure
  • Mantec uses brushless DC servo motors to control the stone dressing assembly, with diamond delivery precision to 0.001 mm; it's the best available
  • Mantec has a variable frequency drive on the grinding stone, with speed control using a 9-bit DAC for resolution better than 1 rpm, and working speeds from 100-1600 rpm.
  • Mantec has the best stone washing unit, a high pressure 5-sprayer system
  • Mantec has a thermostatically controlled cooling system to maintain chilled emulsion temperatures for best cutting performance

Nordic Ultratune's new Mantec base grinder will produce structures that were previously available only in Europe.

Ultratune will add some new specialty racing structures this winter. We'll continue to maintain our grind menu and our existing machine will be in use too (we'll have a Mantec and a Tazzari).

Fast skis can be made by skilled ski techs using the Tazzari and Wintersteiger machines of course, but the new Mantec has greater capability. More than any grinding machine in America.

Our new Microgroover will arrive in early October.