Weights and Measures

I've been testing some Atomic World Cup skis, and decided that I should check the weight.

These Atomic World Cup skis are - as advertised - the lightest ski on the market! The lightest was the 178 cm "Red Cheetah" World Cup skate ski that weighed in at 438 grams. That's about a quarter pound lighter than the competitors - per ski! That is really - no sh!t - significant. All three sizes of the World Cup skater (178, 184, 190) were under the 475 gram mark. Bravo!

The other "big 3" ski brands advertise their top model as being in the range of 500 grams per ski, and much to my chagrin they ALL test heavy.

I use an Acculab digital scale with 0.1 gram resolution, and it has plenty of accuracy and precision for wax absorption tests and the occaisional "weigh in" for new skis.

What's it mean? They're light. It's not everything when choosing a ski, but in a time when ski companies are doing crazy things to trim 5 grams ("hole ski", anyone?), a lightweight ski that gets it done with no caveats is to be commended.

Stay tuned for some on-snow reports for Atomic's skate and classic skis.