Short Report from Trond at NCAA's

I got an email from Trond Flagstad, head coach of the UAA Nordic Ski Team. Trond sent some last minute skis for a grind before NCAA Championships, and Ultratune shipped the skis directly to Rumford Maine, where they arrived the day before the skate race. A very last minute arrival of freshly stone-ground skis.

The following is a short excerpt from Trond's email :

Thanks a lot for the skis and the job you did - the skis were a pleasure to work with....

ALL three of our men used their freshly ground skis with the MVX grind in the 20km skate race - they had awesome skis.........They went 2, 3 and 5 in the race. We waxed with BD8 and with FC8x on top coated with helix warm. Sadie Bjornsen also used her newly ground MVX skis - she said they were fast!

You can expect skis from us in the spring,


Results for Men's 20K, click here. It's always nice to hear about the skis running well straight out of the box.