Hard work, hard luck...

I'm writing this on Friday night...

Today was a very long day with a lot of hard work, a bit of hard luck, and a measure of disappointment. We spent a couple days preparing for the sprint qualifiers - which is ultimately a matter of spending two days working to get 3 pairs of skis ready for a 3 minute event. Then BAM it's over and I'm back in the wax box for another session of work, preparing for the quarterfinals.

I handled the testing of powders (fluoro powders for glide) this morning, while others were preparing athlete warm-up skis and test skis for grip. With a short classic race, the glide is a little bit secondary, since grip waxing is typically the make/break issue. After the testing, I did the gliders for all the race skis (2 pr per athlete, just in case), then helped with final work on grip wax.

In the end, Katja Visnar qualified for the heats (25th in qual), and then crashed in the quarterfinals and finished too far back to advance. Once the race is over for the racers, there's still a warm-down to be done, a bit of lunch, then a 45 minute ride back to the hotel.

For the service guys (me and Miha), it was a long afternoon. Cleaning skis, waxing skis, scraping, brushing, polishing, testing. Chop wood, carry water. By the time we got back to the hotel, it was after 6 p.m. A hot shower, then dinner, then the daily team meeting, and voila it's 9 o'clock.

Did I mention that it was a beautiful day for skiing here? Very nice.