2009 Begins

The upcoming weeks will be exciting. First, I'll be following the US Sr Nationals which start Saturday (Jan 3) in Anchorage. Lots of skiers are on Ultratune grinds and hoping for great results. Good luck to everyone there - it sounds like it'll be a tough week in cold conditions.

Jan 10-11th will be the Methow Valley Pursuit, and Ultratune will be providing wax tips and more.

Mid-January will be the World Cup at Whistler. The Callaghan Valley venue was a bit late getting snow this season, but they've gotten a lot recently and should be in good shape for the races. I'll be updating the blog daily during the World Cup.

The big marathons in the USA will get moving toward the end of the month, and continue through March. There's plenty of time to get some new skis, or get old skis re-ground and tuned up for the big races. Send them soon, and get them back soon. Turn-around on skis is always less than a week.

Happy New Year. Wherever you are, if you're near snow then get out there and enjoy some skiing!

Here's another picture from the Mazama Ski Rodeo. This one is of the 1st place and 2nd place finishers, Torin Koos and Sam Naney, recovering at the finish. Photo by Kristen Smith of MVSTA.