High Performance with SOLDA Glide Waxes

There was a clinic at Nordic Ultratune on Tuesday Dec 16th at 7:00 p.m. If you were there, thanks for coming - it was a good group of well-informed skiers with good questions and insights. Here's a pic from the Drye/Smith duo; pop over to the MVSTA blog to see what's up.

Solda glide waxes have been a favorite of Methow Valley skiers as well as World Cup skiers for many years. Solda updated their line of products last year with the introduction of the F40 series of highly fluorinated glide waxes. It's an all-new series. I'll discuss the following:

Description of the Solda F40 waxes

  • What temperatures and conditions to use them
  • How to apply them
  • Where do these products fit in compared to other brands?

Other Solda products

  • HP04 & HP05 powders
  • Block fluoros - Powerjet 1& 4
  • Additives S20 & S30
  • Building a "race kit" with Solda glide waxes

Additional discussion of "tips, tools, and techniques" will be included. I'll discuss new products that are being used at the World Cup and can be used easily at home to make your work more effective or easier. There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions about waxing and testing strategies.

Intended group: Skiers who are familiar with the basics of glide waxing. Progressive beginners, older Juniors, Intermediate and Advanced skiers, and Coaches will find useful information. Space is limited; call or email to reserve a spot.

There will be some in-store special discounts on wax and tools for MV Nordic participants. And some treats as well.