Structure Tests - MV SuperTour

Testing was done today to check performance of various structures for the Methow Valley SuperTour.

Conditions are unseasonably warm and wet for this area, with temps just above freezing and wet snow in most areas.

Results were somewhat predictable, though some might have guessed that a more aggressive structure would have won the day. The fastest, though, in these conditions was the d5 grind.

All the skis were matched pairs of Madshus Nanosonic skaters.

New Years Snow on SuperTour Trails in the Methow Valley

A New Year's Eve snowstorm brought a big pile of new snow to Washington State's Methow Valley .

The new snow is being groomed this morning, even as more snow is falling on the racing trails, in anticipation of the upcoming SuperTour events.

The Methow Valley SuperTour weekend - January 16th & 17th - will have a skate sprint on Saturday, and an interval start classic race on Sunday (15K men; 10K women).

SuperTour cash prizes for the weekend total more than $9000 and there will be a lot of prizes from event sponsors.

The Methow Valley SuperTour is presented by AeroMech Inc and Nordic Ultratune.

Register now, and get some fast boards on your feet, 'cause you'll need 'em!

The racing trails are located next to Liberty Bell High School, and there will be indoor changing rooms, registration and meeting rooms, and indoor waxing facilities.

The race courses are built to FIS standards and provide challenging racing terrain.

It's also a JOQ weekend, so there will be opportunities for fast juniors to score some USSA points against the best seniors.

More info is posted here and you can register online.

Don't drool on the bib...

There will be new race bibs at the Methow Valley SuperTour events this year.

Anyone who has raced here in the past will recall the very snug and petite fit of the old race bibs, and the time finally came for replacement. More than one skier has compared the fit of the old race bibs with a "training jog-bra". I didn't make that comparison, but others have.

These beautiful new race bibs have the modern fit that you'd expect at high class venues. Very nice.

Here's a pic of the new race bibs. They're guaranteed to make you faster. Since everyone will have one on, there's not a huge advantage in that. But they'll definitely look great on the podium.