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Nordic Ultratune uses the Mantec Ski Numericontrol 140 CNC stone grinding machine. The Mantec grinder is the most advanced machine in North America today. It produces very precise and well defined structures with the best reproducibility. We work closely with Italian serviceman Stefano Vuerich who has shared some of the best World Cup structures. These are now available as the core of our grind menu. 

In addition to offering the World Cup Structures listed below, we continue to offer several of the traditional Linear Structures - MVL, XC02 and LJ03. These are versatile, high-performance structures that cover a broad range of temperatures.

Pick one of our listed grinds below for most conditions. They have broad ranges and can be used in virtually all common conditions. For "special purpose" grinds Contact Us.


The RDG is a new, versatile, World Cup grind from Nordic Ultratune. It’s a fine 0.018 mm depth pattern that is best for machine groomed and new snow in low-to-medium humidity in colder temperatures. The RDG grind has a subtle angled interference pattern, and skis smoothly with a very easy release. RDG will run well in colder new, fine, dry and machined groomed snow (transformed by grooming rather than thaw/freeze) that stays below freezing. Typically -5C to -20C.



For dry and fine grained colder conditions, the S2 grind has been tremendously successful. This grind has a visible symmetric angled interference pattern. The interference pattern is visually "busy", but in truth it provides angled bands of less structure.  Providing an easy release, this grind has a delicate structure and is intended for low moisture conditions - not for wet snow. It will run well in dry colder machined groomed snow (transformed by grooming rather than thaw/freeze) and new snow that stays below freezing. Typically -5C to -15C.


NEW  The R214 is a new World Cup structure developed and and refined by Nordic Ultratune.  It’s a versatile 0.02mm depth angled echelon pattern structure that is best for machine groomed and transformed snow in medium humidity.  The R214 structure is free-running in a broad range of conditions, and works well on both skate and classic skis, typically from -1C to -10C.  



The D5 is a World Cup grind from Stefano Vuerich of Italy and has achieved success at the highest levels. The grind has a visible symmetric angled interference pattern. An excellent general purpose grind for medium-to-moist, new and machine – groomed snow conditions. Typically 0C to -5C.


A half-depth linear grind at 24 lines/cm, the MVL functions well as a general purpose grind for medium humidity, "Eastern Cascades slopes", and other general sub-freezing conditions. The MVL runs better than XC02 as temps get warmer and humidity is higher. The MVL is often picked for classic skis, but runs well on skate skis in some conditions.


the XC02 structure is a premium multi-layered grind. Tests have shown that it performs excellently in a very broad range of colder, dry, fine-grained, and abrasive snow.  It is extremely “free” feeling. It's a good grind for very hilly courses and will develop high downhill speed. The XC02 helps skiers on fine, dry snow at lower humidity down to  polar conditions of -10/-25°C.  It will work effectively up to -3C in very low moisture conditions.



The LJ03 is used for general purpose, large crystals, and transformed snows, from "violet" and down to -5°C. It will work effectively up into "plus degrees" and is especially good with classic skis.