The Nordic Ultratune Stone Grinding Process



The ski is passed through the grinder at medium speed and pressure until it is flat and scratches are removed.


The stone is dressed as finely as possible, and the ski is passed through the machine at minimal speed and pressure to give the base an almost mirror-like polish. This stage is one of the secrets of the speed our grinds achieve.


The stone is redressed to produce the desired pattern and the ski is passed through the grinder a single final time. For compound or multi-part structures, the grinding wheel is re-dressed for each step, and the structure is applied in a single pass for each stage.


The skis are chemically cleaned to remove any residue from grinding.


Even though the soft Mantec stone leaves no "hair" on the base, to ensure the best possible finish, the ski is polished with a special roto-buffing head. Skis are randomly inspected to verifiy the quality of the finish.


The grinding process empties the ski base of all wax, which makes it very vulnerable to oxidation, dirt, etc. The base needs to be re-impregnated with wax in order to hold wax while in use. We wax ALL skis immediately following grinding, using BP99 base prep wax.

The Ultratune Hotbox

Our Hotbox uses a high thermal mass liquid filled heating element, and has a Honeywell industrial controller with a remote wet-bulb thermocouple to precisely monitor the temperature in the Hotbox. A 107 cfm recirculation blower maintains even temperature throughout the Hotbox. A temperature setting of 55C (130F) is used for paraffin saturation.

Hotbox Deluxe

With the Hotbox Deluxe, the skis receive an antistatic treatment using a special process, followed by a warm paraffin, then Hotboxed for 3 hours, providing super-saturation. The Hotbox Deluxe is highly recommended for all stone-ground skis.

Hotbox Basic

In our basic Hotbox process, skis are waxed with a warm paraffin and placed in the Hotbox for 90 minutes for thorough wax penetration.